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Smoking Jacket

"smoking JACKET" are originally a 3 piece stripped back acoustic band from Hastings, applying a mix of acoustic guitar and simple drum grooves with fantastic vocals and the occasional bongo solo.


Branching out over the course of 2014, Smoking Jacket have established them selves as the No. One Live Party Band increasing their line up from 3 - 5 when necessary! Playing golden hits from across the ages, from classic 70's funk to Frozen's "Let It Go". Impromptu instrumentals keep everyone guessing and tapping along as they play all night long.


Kitson is well known for his distinctive vocal range and front man flare, getting the audience involved at every possible opportunity.



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smoking JACKET

If you would like to play at the Harrow please email us on



A group of 5 accomplished musicians & friends creating a bluesy, country, rocky sound.



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The Broadband
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